Ignite Your Imagination with Cutting-Edge Projects

Lset Summer Camp

Robotic Marvels

Dive into the world of robotics and construct your own hydraulic-powered arm, robotic dog, or smart vacuum cleaner.

Security Solutions

Safeguard your space with a laser security alarm and enhance it with advanced features.

Lset Summer Camp

Automated Innovations

Unleash your green thumb with an automated plant watering system or illuminate the path with an automatic street light.



Our experienced instructors ignite your passion and guide you through the innovation process.


Bring your ideas to life through hands-on learning and practical application of STEM principles.


Proudly take home your self-made prototypes, showcasing your creativity and problem-solving skills.


1 Day

Robotic Dog

Woof, woof! Get ready for tail-wagging fun as your child con­ structs and codes their very own robotic companion! Through hands-on explo­ ration of electronics and coding, they’ll unleash their creativity while mastering essential STEM skills.

2 Day

Laser Security (Theft) Alarm

Keep belongings safe with our cutting-edge laser security system! Through hands-on exploration of light sensing and cir­ cuitry, your child will become a guardian of their treasures while mastering the secrets of modern security tech.

3 Day


Say goodbye to chores and hello to innovation with our autonomous floor-cleaning robot! Your child will sweep away mun­ dane tasks as they merge technology with household chores, all while honing their programming prowess.

4 Day


Elevate your child’s summer with our advanced robotics workshop! With Arduino microcontrollers as their tools, they’ll reach new heights in robotics, building and programming their very own robot arm.

5 Day

Project Presentation Day

On the final day of our Summer Camp, we extend a warm invitation to parents and peers to witness the culmination of your child’s hard work and creativity. It’s the day when your child steps onto the stage to present the prototype they’ve diligently built over the course of the camp.

This presentation day isn’t just about showcasing technical prowess; it’s a platform for your child to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. Whether they worked on a single project or multiple, their participation in presenting will not only deepen their technical understanding but also ignite the spark of entrepreneurship within them.

The presentation isn’t just about demonstrating technical skills; it’s also an opportunity for your child to overcome stage fear and learn the art of confidently showcasing their project to an audience. Parents will have the privilege of witnessing the growth and confidence of their child as they take centre stage, presenting their creations like true entrepreneurs.

This special day, offered at no additional charge, is a testament to our commitment to nurturing not just technical proficiency but also essential life skills that will serve your child well beyond the boundaries of the Summer Camp.

Why Should You Enroll Your Child in Lset Junior Tech

Hands-On Learning

Experience practical, hands-on learning at Lset Junior Tech.

Live Prototypes

Create live prototypes to bring theoretical concepts to life.

Mastery Guaranteed

Ensure mastery of subjects by applying technical concepts in real-world scenarios.

Creative Opportunities

Explore creative opportunities through concept-based learning.

Passion Ignition

Ignite your child’s passion for technology through engaging activities.

Expert Guidance

Receive expert guidance at every step of your child’s technological journey.

Comprehensive Excellence

Excel in both theory and practice with our comprehensive approach.

Transformational Results

Witness the transformation as your child becomes a master of technology.




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    Description Our personalised career counselling service is designed to empower students in Key Stages 3, 4, and 5 to make informed decisions about their educational and career journey. Our team of expert counsellors assesses each child’s individual strengths, interests, and aspirations to guide them towards choosing the right path for their future. With personalised support and tailored advice, we ensure that every student reaches their full potential and embarks on a fulfilling career path.


    • Service Includes
    • Comprehensive assessment of the student's calibre, strengths, and interests.
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    • Personalised advice and support to help students make informed decisions.
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    • Students in Key Stages 3, 4, and 5.
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    • £100 per session.

    Why Choose Us

    • Commitment to empowering students to reach their full potential and pursue fulfilling career paths.
    • Tailored approach to meet the unique needs and goals of each student.
    • Commitment to empowering students to reach their full potential and pursue fulfilling career paths.